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#HAWMC Days 13-19: Shimmying my way to a stress-free, perfect comeback

Day 13: Perfect Comeback Eight years ago, I was struck by a rare kind of bacterial infection. After an exposure trip in an informal settler community, I began to feel difficulty in

#HAWMC Day 6: My Comrade Love (hero)

Today, I would like to give thanks and appreciation to my lifetime partner and husband, Rasti Delizo! It is not easy to take care and love somebody who is so opinionated and

#HAWMC Days 4-5: Discoveries, personal health & bellydance

It is the fourth day yesterday and fifth day of #HAWMC today. Sorry if I was not able to post yesterday because I volunteered to do the website of my mother organization. Anyways,

Ready, Set, Go: The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (#HAWMC) begins

Yesterday was the start of the WEGO Health annual Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (#HAWMC). The first prompt was called the “Wordless Wednesday” wherein the challenger should post a selfie photo, although

HealthActivist.ph will soon be posting.

Hi Readers! Sorry for the inconvenience. This site was launched last December 14, 2013. Unfortunately since we’re new in the blogosphere as an official website, I am still having a challenging time