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The 20 Secrets That Will Get You Flat Abs – Wise Fitness

For the #iwantabschallenge, these tips (click on the link) have been very helpful and I plan to apply these over the next few months with the addition of bellydance as a form cardio

#HAWMC Days 13-19: Shimmying my way to a stress-free, perfect comeback

Day 13: Perfect Comeback Eight years ago, I was struck by a rare kind of bacterial infection. After an exposure trip in an informal settler community, I began to feel difficulty in

#HAWMC Day 12: A Relaxing Sunday

Day 11: Skipping on the Pet Pal post simply because I don’t have a pet and not really interested in a furry little friend ever since my childhood days so I don’t

#HAWMC Days 4-5: Discoveries, personal health & bellydance

It is the fourth day yesterday and fifth day of #HAWMC today. Sorry if I was not able to post yesterday because I volunteered to do the website of my mother organization. Anyways,

Exciting months to come at healthactivist.ph

After my speaking engagement at the 1st Philippine Health Care and Social Media Summit (#hcsmPH), there are yet exciting, thought-provoking articles to come your way as readers and followers of www.healthactivist.ph. 1.

Starting 2015, right! What to expect…

With the recent inclusion of my blog in Regenestem Asia’s Five Most Influential Filipino Health Bloggers, I felt that I owe something to the public and I should blog more regularly than ever before.