Health Resources

Health Resources

The Health Resources page will act as a mini-information hub within the site. The following list will be updated from time to time:

  • Healers and Health Care Practitioners-HCPs (list of healers and HCP focusing on a holistic approach in looking at your health).
  • Healing Modalities (list of varied healing modalities apart from the conventional ones).
  • Health Institutions (list of both CSOs, NGOs and government agencies on health).
  • Health Calendar (list of health events based on the DOH and International Health Calendars).
  • Home Remedies (How To’s: Home-made remedies and cure for specific illnesses).
  • Health News (list of sources of alternative/traditional healthcare news apart from the conventional ones).
  • Stories of Survival (gathering of stories of survival – cancer and health crisis survivors, etc.)
  • Wellness Products & Shops (list of organic products and where to shop for them).
  • Healthy Restaurants (list of healthy restaurants in Manila and in nearby provinces for your healthy dining).
  • Healthy Recipes (a collection of healthy recipes for everyone to whip-up in their own kitchens).


Healers and Health Care Practitioners

On Fitness, Dance and Nutrition 

  1. Ma. Bernadette Attencio, RND and Lewis Medina: Bern is a licensed nutritionist/dietician and fitness instructor; while Lewis is a freelance personal/physical trainer and his specialisation include specializations include weight loss, muscle building and toning. Please do contact them for their services at +63935.179.4041. Kindly introduce yourself first via SMS before calling. Check out their short bio here.
  2. Ms. Jill Ngo-Crisologo, mentor of the Goddesses of Bellydance (GOB): Aside from being a certified Zumba instructor and a Bellydance teacher who learned from well-renowned Bellydance superstars, Jill is certified with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and Reebok’s JUKARI. She is also a trained Modern Jazz dancer and has 20 year experience in dancing that goes with her fitness expertise. For bookings, classes, events  and choreography contact: please contact Ms. Jill at the following numbers or through her social media accounts: +63917.624.7534 or +632.502.2912; FB: jillbellyzumba/ goddessesbellydance; IG: jillbellyzumbapilates.You may read her full but short bio of Ms. Jill here.



Healing Modalities 

Health Institutions (NGOs, INGOs, Gov’t Agencies) 

Health Calendar 

Home Remedies 

Health News (websites and other online/offline resources) 

Stories of Survival 

Wellness Products & Shops 

Healthy Restaurants 

Healthy Recipes

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