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HealthActivist supports and write about the following Health Campaigns:


Non-GMO WorldNO TO GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS (NO2GMO)! YES TO SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE. Genetically-modified crops could radically affect our food system and greatly impact our health and environment. With these kinds of crops, the nutrient of the soil and the environment itself is being contaminated.

Although there are still no long-term studies about the health impacts of GM crops, there are already many documented cases, the likes documented by health and consumer advocate, Jeffrey Smith.


brown rice campaignBROWN RICE CAMPAIGN. A campaign that mainstreams/popularizes the production and consumption of brown rice, a healthier option for consumers than the usual white rice and/or the Golden Rice (a GMO-rice with beta-carotene). Consuming brown rice is beneficial for both consumers and producers alike.

The campaign is spearheaded by DAKILA Artist Collective and Oxfam Pilipinas.


PUBLIC HEALTH AND CLIMATE CHANGE. I am a firm believer that even if we take measures in becoming healthy through eating and exercise, if we have an environment that is polluted, we will never be truly healthy. So I support demands and calls for: renewable energy as source of electricity rather than fossil fuel-base source (i.e. coal-fired power plants); organic vegetables and herbal gardens (rather than plantations for biofuels and GMO crops); sustainable agriculture, (instead of monoculture and conventional farming); building health infrastructures that are green and safe; and demands for government to implement these at the national level to be consistent with its progressive stance in the international climate change negotiations.

Climate Change and Public Health












Ratify OP-ICESCRRATIFY OP-ICESCR (RIGHT TO HEALTH). I also support a healthcare system founded on the people’s right to health as enshrined in many international conventions and declarations. One of which is the International Convention on Economic, Social, Cultural Rights (ICESCR). I support the push for the Philippines to sign the Optional Protocol of this convention so we can exact government accountability to respect, protect and fulfill our ESC rights especially the Right to Health.


abi-health-clusterGOVERNMENT BUDGET AND UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE (ABI-HEALTH). The National Government Budget is a concrete expression of public policy. Therefore, when more funds are invested to ensure people’s health and well-being, it shows that the government is giving health a priority.

2 Responses to Health Campaigns

  1. Angelique Lacasandile says:

    Angelique D. Lacasandile
    IT Faculty, National University
    37A P. Florentino St. Brgy. Quezon City
    712-1900 loc 420 / 09278602048

    July 21, 2014

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Good day!

    I, Angelique D. Lacasandile, a full-time faculty at National University, am currently taking my master’s degree in Information Technology at Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila. I am giving a website free-of-charge website to vegetarian website which may help encourage meat-lovers to incorporate vegetables and fruits to their diets as well this website will give them information about the calorie intake and how to burn this calories afterwards.

    Nowadays, social networking site and website are effective marketing tools; hence, the website which I’m proposing will surely help the activist goal in changing the mindset of Filipinos about healthy living

    In this regards with this, I’m seeking help for registered nutritionist to share their expertise about how to burn calorie intake so that the knowledge that I’m going to share with the people is reliable.

    The study aims to highlight the best features of empowering Vegetarian restaurants with website utilizing embedded QR code. The following are the specific objectives of my system:

    1. To provide an informative website to _________________ connecting the physical world in the form of menu utilizing embedded QR code.
    2. To introduce QR code technology as a new marketing tool to attract tech-savvy and hungry consumers, a unique way to engage a perspective restaurant goer.
    3. To drive social media engagement incorporating embedded QR code in menu, visuals stimulate the viewer’s eye, mind and emotions more quickly and deeply than menus in just in a plain simple text it can help in search rankings.
    4. To promote healthy living, encouraging people to know what they eat by providing calorie count intake per serving and suggesting workout plan to burn the food they ate.
    5. To revolutionize transparency in restaurant chains with regards to the food that they are serving so that diners will have more confidence in what was on their plate.
    6. To cultivate to the Filipino culture the importance of health and how to take care of their body to introduce a creative way to boost public health campaigns of the government

    The Vegetarian restaurants is ideal for the initiation of this project because the company serves healthy cuisine and can be more easily to be encourage to be transparent with their customers with regards to the nutritional benefits of the food that they are serving

    I am looking forward for your extended participation to advocacy.Thank you and God Bless Us.


    Angelique D. Lacasandile
    IT Faculty, National University

    • Maria Fatima says:

      Hi Ms. Lacasandile,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on this page. However, I don’t know exactly what you’re asking from me. First of all, I am not a nutritionist. I am a health and wellness, fitness enthusiast and public health advocate. I don’t know if I could be of much help to you. Perhaps I could look for a nutritionist to help you out in your project. Another clarification is do you have a vegetarian website in one or are you looking for one to work on.

      What I can do is to post your inquiry in my Facebook or here in my site. However, may I make a proposition for you…you might want to help out instead a consumer group for safe food…I am a board member of the Consumer Rights for Safe Food (CRSF)and we wanted to put-up a site for the group. We also have a FB Page, which you might want to check out – Please let me know what you think. I will still try to look for a nutritionist. Thanks.

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