#HAWMC Day 12: A Relaxing Sunday

Day 11: Skipping on the Pet Pal post simply because I don’t have a pet and not really interested in a furry little friend ever since my childhood days so I don’t have anything to share with you.

Day 12: A Relaxing Sunday

It is the 12th day and it is Sunday! A relaxing time for me. A quiet day, which started with social media browsing, sharing of blog posts to worthwhile LinkedIn groups on Health, then followed by an exhilarating workout with Veena and Neena via their Bellydance lessons in YouTube, 40-minute HIIT workout by BeFit. I finished my workout 2 1/2 hours later and then rested for about 40 minutes before I took a shower and decided to go to my favorite Indian Restaurant this side of the city, Little India, to have a healthy lunch. Although I have to watch out for my carbs here because Little India is Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant, not much of a protein option for me there. I hope I did choose right – I ordered Aloo Jeera (potatoes cooked in Cumin Seeds; 1 big potato size) and Dal Fry, which features Lentils (protein source I guess), Spinach and spices and I can’t go without the 2-ball serving of Gulab Jamun, an Indian dessert made of Khola (evaporated milk and paneer). I just checked that this gave me around 300 Calories but I don’t mind really, it is a relaxing Sunday anyways and it’s not often. Then after a sumptuous lunch, I posted for a selfie in this beautiful Indian woman painting at the restaurant and did a couple more selfies back at home. Now, am doing my watching, researching and writing of my 12th post. Have a nice day, all you Health Activists out there!

Having a relaxing Sunday!

Having a relaxing Sunday!

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