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#HAWMC Days 9-10: The Challenger and the Chef in ME!

Day 9: The Challenger In any challenge I have encountered in my life, the only thing that works for me is to confront it upfront and deal with it gracefully. If you

Premiere Goddess (bellydancer): Ms. Jill Ngo-Crisologo

On Dance and Fitness As a bellydance enthusiast, I take inspiration from the one person who sowed that passion for bellydance in me. She is none other than Ms. Jill Ngo-Crisologo, the premiere Goddess

Power Couple: Bern and Lewis team-up for fitness and nutrition (#iwantabschallenge)

On Fitness and Nutrition In the #iwantabschallenge, the Abs Anonymous secured the services of a sports nutritionist who will guide the group members’ in keeping their health measurements on the right track